What is Hydraulic steady rest?

There are two types of steady rests available in the market – manual steady rest and hydraulic steady rests. 

Hydraulic steady rests are automatic self centering workholding devices. Hydraulic steady rests are programmable, which means so can be used in cycles. With the use of hydraulic type steady rest, the work becomes more efficient as time is less consumed in setting up the steady rest. Hydraulic steady rests are easy to use as the arms of hydraulic steady rests can be operated using a push button or can be programmed.

The installation of hydraulic steady rest is also straightforward. They can be mounted at the bed of a CNC or lathe machine without disturbing the normal working of the machine. If the cylinder of steady rest is interfering with machine parts then it can be mounted at side or at rear side. 

Another great feature of hydraulic steady rest is that the coolant washes above the rollers that get triggered at the beginning of the cycle. This washes off any kind of dust or debris on the workpiece and also maintains its temperature. Thus, damages to the job are lowered and makes life a lot easier. 

New Karwal Engineering Works workholding solutions like self centering hydraulic steady rests improves the stability, part control, tolerance and life of the machine which inturn is helpful in increasing productivity of machine. Furthermore, use of hydraulic steady rest provides a safer environment for working. However, it is recommended to close the doors of the machine while operating it. 

The hydraulic steady rests can be installed from simple machines to complex applications such as when the workpiece has been turned round and concentric to the centerline of the machine. Some applications may require a second machining operation (when tailstock is removed) for facing the end of the workpiece. In this case, roller bearing steady rests are preferred. Apart from that, steady rest comes in a wide variety of sizes which makes them suitable for machines of any size. 

On the other hand, the manual steady rest takes longer time to set up and if you are working on multiple workpieces, then the time span will increase. 

The Significance of Using Hydraulic Steady rests

Nowadays, many factory owners are realising the importance of self centering hydraulic steady rests in their day to day manufacturing operations. Some of them are – 

1. Workholding Property Are Better than Manual Steady Rests

The hydraulic steady rests are normally used in case of long cylindrical shafts that are difficult to hold by the machine because of their diameter. 

In traditional settings, steady rests are positioned manually by the operators. To hold the workpiece, it is centred manually using different techniques. After finding the centre of the workpiece, the arms of steady rests are tied manually. The operator ties the three screws that are at 120 degree apart from each other. The manual positioning of steady rests leads to consumption of time and sometimes a slightest inaccuracy will deteriorate the entire output. 

2. Centering Accuracy of Self Centering Hydraulic Steady Rests is Superior

On the flip side, hydraulic self centering steady rests are designed in such a way that they automatically centre the workpiece and the arms of hydraulic steady rest will capture the job in a concentric circle using the internal compensation system. This system also prevents the deflection of the job under higher tolerances. Further, the operator has not to worry about the space between the workpiece and steady rest rollers as the self centering mechanism of hydraulic steady rest will naturally do it. 

3. Automatic Lubrication

The centralised lubrication system of hydraulic steady rest ensures that the piece is free from unwanted metal pieces, reduces friction and corrosion. The lubrication can be done manually but the operator must set up the arms of steady rest in such a way that it provides enough clearance between roller bearing and workpiece. 

4. Greater Levels of Accuracy

This procedure provides a higher level of accuracy and since the workholding system is made automatic, the speed and productivity of the machine will rise. Therefore, more output is produced in less time leading to higher profit margins. 

The Bottom Line

From the above facts, it is clearly evident that the advantages of self centering hydraulic steady rests outweighs its counterpart. This is the reason why manufacturers are using them in their operations. 

Also, if you are looking to buy self centering hydraulic steady rests then you can contact New Karwal Engineering Works and get a free quote from us.

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