Turning Steady Rests

CNC Turning Steady Rests Manufacturers in India

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Specification of Turning Steady Rests

New Karwal Engineering Works (Regd.) is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of turning steady rests in India. Our turning steady rests are widely appreciated by clients because of their accuracy, durability, premium quality, and excellent resistance to corrosion.

At our manufacturing units in Ludhiana, turning steady rests are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes, depending upon customer requirements and specifications.

The raw material used in the manufacturing of turning steady rests is sourced from authentic vendors and is of premium quality. We have skilled professionals and use the latest technology while manufacturing turning steady rests. To make sure that our product meets international standards and client requirements, we have an in-house quality inspection department. This department inspects the quality of our products from beginning to end.

At New Karwal Engineering Works (Regd.) we manufacture two types of turning steady rests –

Turning Steady Rests With Rear Mounted Hydraulic Cylinder

This type of turning steady rest has a hydraulic cylinder mounted at the rear side and has narrow arms. We also manufacture turning steady rests in which there is provision for coolant flush through these narrow arms.

Turning Steady Rests With Side Mounted Hydraulic Cylinder

These kinds of turning steady rests are used when the rear-mounted hydraulic cylinder may interfere with the door of the machine. These steady rests also have provision for coolant flush through narrow arms.

Key Features of Turning Steady Rests

  • Compact Size
  • Safety Valve in-built. 
  • Maximum opening feedback
  • Centrally lubricated for oil or grease lubrication. 
  • Easy chip flow. 
  • Completely sealed body for better protection.

Advantages of Karwal Turning Steady Rests

  • Cost-Efficient
  • Customization according to the demands
  • All-inclusive range of steadies
  • Sales & service network located in all the major cities

Types of lubrication Used in Turning Steady Rests 

  • Centrally lubricated
  • Manually lubricated
  • Air + Oil lubricated
  • Centrally greased

Variety of rollers Used in Turning Steady Rests 

  • Synthetic rollers
  • Carbide rollers
  • Globe-shaped rollers
  • Narrow rollers
  • Cylindrical rollers



Turning steady rests KSR series designed by New Karwal Engineering Works (Regd.) are used in industries like automobile, defense, railways, milled component manufacturers, aerospace, etc.